Wednesday, December 02, 2009


legs serpentine
smooth against
not smooth
portrait fingers
tracing undulations
    and rising

back bending
shivering against
clawed sweat
tosses tearing
rainbow bodies
    and rising

willow roots
drowsing love
in smoking
dangerous soil
heat planted
    and rising


SzélsőFa said...

you have to consider sporting a NSFW label these days again...
heeeheee ;)

(totally unrelated, but wv is: 'dheat'.

Melissa said...

I don't what to say other than... you painted the picture well.


Shadow said...

mmmmm, i feel, i like...

Tabitha Bird said...

Wonderful Jason. Your words always breathe.

Karen said...

Oh, Aine?

the walking man said...

Experience speaks loud

Mona said...

good to know that it was a rising experience , not a falling one :)

Margaret said...

So wonderfully sensuous!

Laurel said...

Dead sexy, that. And as an added bonus you used two of my all-time favorite words: "serpentine" and "undulations."

Seriously, in my personal word collection, those two get handled and polished with loving frequency.

Nevine said...

Are we talking bodies, or fire? Or bodies on fire? The image created is enormous, and this... "heat planted/and rising" is dangerous. Loved that!


Four Dinners said...


I will shag anything with a pulse that is female but....

'legs serpentine'


I ain't shaggin a worm.


apologies old bean.

Pissed again.


Aine said...

Karen, yes?.... **blushing**

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Your picture is sensuous, like an O'Keefe painting - a beautiful shape opening up to expose a secret spot. Your poem is on fire. Great language and love making verbiage!

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, bring on dheat!! Love that wv! :)

Melissa, I'm glad the picture was vivid.

Shadow, very cool. :)

Tabitha, mmmmm, breathing words.... That's a delicious compliment. Thanks!!

Karen, um, I'll defer to Aine. ;)

Walking Man, I like that volume.

Mona, I embraced the intensity of the rise.

Margaret, much appreciated!

Laurel, of the tens of thousands of words out there, I hit two?! Awesome!! And thanks for the "dead sexy" designation. That is a tremendous badge of honor.

Nevine, bodies and fire and enormity. Yes to it all! The danger is fierce. And inevitable.

Four Dinners, your words says no, but your inner worm says yes.

Aine, ahem, there you are. :D

Kaye, the secret is a citronella flame from a night at the cabin. I photoshopped the lovely image to create the rainbow effect.

Bernita said...

Sexxy poem, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Bernita, double X, eh? ;)

Aniket said...

Great work on the pic. With the time you spend on photography, blogging, writing, photoshop, your lovely wife and kids - how do you manage to be on the job as well?

Aine got you a time turner didn't she? :D

I'm glad I didn't skip this one, it's hot!

catvibe said...

Hiya. I've been away writing my novel in November NaNoWriMo heat, and building my new site too. Come visit, and update your links too. It's But I think the link is Gorgeous picture, how'd you do that?

Woman in a Window said...


Anonymous said...

Aniket, I feel like I should do more.

Catvibe, sounds like you've been really rolling! I'll be sure to update my link. (The picture is flame, photoshopped.)

Erin, I'll take that review. :)