Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Passions of Bryn: Dreams

(The Passions of Bryn is a loose series of vignettes about Bryn, a vampire tortured by the extreme pleasure of killing the men she loves. Previous installments: 1, 2, 3.)

The sheets hissed as Christopher shifted in his sleep.

Dull orange fire from the furnace shivered in the air over the radiators. His arm waved the covers aside.

In the glow of the bathroom nightlight, his bare chest rose and fell in a tranquil rhythm. Half of him lay exposed. Deep shadows carved his shape down to his thigh.

Bryn stepped from curtain of darkness in the corner. His steady breaths endured, unaware she was there.

Her sparkling eyes moved. They painted each phrase in the whispers of his body, beautiful as the music's perfection when she first saw him. She drank every color and bending line.

She moved closer.

His breath drawing in.

Warmth draining out.

A pale arm like sculpture extended. The shadow of a hand slashed across his chest.

She closed her eyes in the silence.

Bit by bit, she slowed. She began to match his dreamy cadence. Her separateness soaked into his body and dissolved.

The air in the room pulsed. She felt herself lifting free of the floor, free of the confines of her senses. Christopher sank deeper into the bed. His wrists and the palms of his hands fell open.

Bryn parted her lips. Her head drifted back, fanning her hair over her shoulders.

In the sensuous light, his face wrinkled, then he groaned with a gentle arch of his back.

Her arm swayed in a tiny ballet over him, then grew. His breath thickened. Each release was like a sigh. The shadow of her fingers slithered through the hair on his chest and wrapped around his roping neck muscles.

His movements danced with her. A sheen of sweat caught the light and poured her thoughts over him.

Her head nodded faster, stronger.

Christopher's stomach writhed.

His hips rolled in waves, lifting from the bed.

She felt his power growing, the strength of his possession. She opened herself and curled around him, layer after layer. The color of the room changed. The walls and floor twitched in the storms of gravity.

His light drew inward, intensifying, blinding.

She dove into the pounding immensity of his collapse. The pressure screamed beyond human recognition. His essence burned every corner of her consciousness.

The explosion detonated like a supernova.

The energy tore through her and beyond her. The shock wave rippled through the walls, through the neighborhood. Strangers gasped, clutching at their blankets, then shaking fists gradually released.

Christopher's eyes stood wide.

As he panted, the light in the bathroom flickered.

He laid in the stillness alone.


Jaye Wells said...

Ooh. Spooky and sexy. I like this, Jason. Keep 'em coming, so to speak.

billie said...

I don't have much context for vampire stories but I like the Bryn pieces you're doing here.

Mysterious and erotic, for sure.

I know these are vignettes and not pieces of a bigger work, but I find myself wanting you, as the writer, to give me a bit more placement within the scene - not sure exactly how, but perhaps more from inside Bryn's head, or Christopher's, or both.

What's here is wonderful. It's just that I want to know more about how to weigh it, if that makes sense.


Scott said...

I agree with Billie. The language is beautiful, the scene well drawn, but it does need a little something from which to anchor. I've been just as vague, but I know what I mean!

Hey, I'm stoked that you're having another contest. I'm just catching up, and doing a poor job of it, but count me in (and, I predict, maybe sixty others).

Anonymous said...

Jaye, LOL!! :D I will certainly do my best.

Billie, that's an excellent point. The link to the Bryn video (Requiem 2) is not very strong, and even in that context, the motivations are not clear. My job for the next installment will be more character development.

Scott, thanks for the feeback and the kind words! I will try to remedy the anchoring issue in the next piece. Also, I sure hope to see you in the contest! I will be firing up to open it next Wednesday, the 18th.

mermaid said...

This just gets better. She can't kill him or herself, and the images of light are so powerful in this. There are souls we meet that shine so bright, even in their sleep, to dispel all darkness around them.

I wonder what Byrn will find in his light, in her own light.


Wow! Wow! That's all I can say, "Wow!" I was rivited to the screen reading this and I normally have a hard time reading long pieces online. I must go back and read, or should I say watch, the previous installments.

apprentice said...

B is quite a girl!

There goes the 'hood!

This has a screenplay quality to it.

Bernita said...

One of the best seccubus and sex pieces I've seen, Jason.

Terri said...

I love reading about your Bryn's moments just exactly as they are and for the pure enjoyment of each one ... because really, isn't that all she has..?
I've been a little absent so what a pleasant catch-up: thinking bloggers, pretty waterfalls, sexy vamp moments and a contest to look forward to!
I've missed this place :)

Wilf said...

ooo er.

Anonymous said...

Mermaid, once again, I'm really quite astounded by the powers of your perception. You are gifted with an actute sensitivity.

Eating Poetry, you gave me quite a smile this morning. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Bernita, thank you!! What high praise. I'm very humbled. :)

Terri, I've missed you as well. You know, you once told me to visit Bryn as much as I want. Those words from you are what encouraged me to continue.

Wilf, I think that's good...right?

Anonymous said...


Once again, a powerful piece. Strong images. Can't wait to see where it goes next, or what Bryn will do!!

Anonymous said...

Kaye, much appreciated. Bryn and Christopher are very powerful characters for me.

Wilf said...

Yes, very good.