Sunday, April 27, 2008

Under the Willows, Part 7 (narrative poem)

(A young man yearns to have the power to reach beyond mortal ends. A sensual vampire tale in the tradition of THE HIGHWAYMAN by Alfred Noyes. Just joining us? Go back to Part 1.)

(Gravestone Detail of a Willow Tree)

He peeled himself from her heaving body
Watching her pant underneath his glare
Her legs were clawed with delicious scratches
And glowed in the moonlight bare

He kissed the neck she surrendered breathless
Lured by its beautiful hollows down
She ripped her buttons and arched toward him
Discarding the shredded gown

He groaned and tasted her body sighing
Piercing the swells of her maiden breasts
His cravings howled with her shameless thrashing
The shivering tree confessed

She pinned her knees to the twisted branches
Twining his hair in her fevered hands
She pulled him down to her molten rocking
And clove her red fires fanned

**To Be Continued**

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Sarah Hina said...

I think the willow tree is the perfect counterpoint to the shameless lust. It's so delicate, so shivery, while they are most decidedly...not.

Very effective, Jason. And by effective, I mean hot. Why do I suddenly feel the need to congratulate Aine? ;)

Aine said...

I believe I must refrain from commenting. Anything I say may be used against me...

~beth ♥ said...

Incredibly evocative and erotic. (And I can see why Aine is pleading the 5th.) :o)

Hoodie said...

Wow, a girl takes a break for a couple of weeks and this is what she comes back to?

I think I needed a warm up post before hopping right into the fire. Excuse me while I lower the thermostat.

Geraldine said...

Hot stuff Jason! I agree, time to check that thermostat. Another example of your talents explored in depth, well done. G

JaneyV said...

Sizzling Jason! I can't possibly say what was my favourite bit because I'm suddenly all hot and bothered and concentration has left me....

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I love the interplay between the two of them and the tree. You put it eloquently.

Aine, ;)

Beth, excellent point. :)

Hoodie, sorry about that. Coming in on part 7 does have certain drawbacks. ;)

Geraldine, thanks! I hope the lead in was worth it. I imagine the next part will be the last.

Janey, I like that!

Terri said...

Oh my goodness, shameless thrashing, maiden breasts, molten rocking... boy, am I glad I stopped in to visit today!

paisley said...

am i gonna need to turn the air on to read the rest of this????????

Anonymous said...

Terri, glad you enjoyed your visit!

Paisley, um, maybe.

Bernita said...

Now that's hawt!

Ello said...

JAson! I am blushing! And feverishly reading it over again!

Precie said...

LOL! Clarity of Night is rated Rrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Bernita, handle with care!

Ello, when you blush, I know I've succeeded!

Precie, love that!

Vesper said...

Very good, Jason! Very erotic, with the right mix of everything...