Friday, May 02, 2008

Under the Willows, Part 8, Final (narrative poem)

(A young man yearns to have the power to reach beyond mortal ends. A sensual vampire tale in the tradition of THE HIGHWAYMAN by Alfred Noyes. Just joining us? Go back to Part 1.)

The Earth's primordial flavors drew him
Lashed with divinity's soaring grace
Her body wrapped to consume his hunger
And cradle his precious face

He rode the tidal waves pounding through her
Clutching to match her abandoned pace
And when her gasping eruptions thundered
He preyed on her shrieking place

The whirlwind drained from the frenzied willow
Emptiness seeping from where they flew
And where a drop of her life blood landed
A burgundy primrose grew

      (And he said: will you come if I call?
      Darkness erodes every distance
      And nighttime conquers us all.)

--The End--

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paisley said...

oh jason,, that was the most vivid of culminations... bravo!!!

JaneyV said...

Oh My! (she said furiously fanning her flushed cheeks)!

Jason, thank you for this wonderful poem. It's been a great journey into the immortal and this was certainly a fitting climax.

Aine said...

This series needs to go in your book...

Sarah Hina said...

Any words I choose suddenly seem like limp, incapable things. The ending--wow.

Yeah...just wow.

Billy said...

The perfect ending, Jason. I can only echo what Sarah said. A few words of comment can't do justice to this entire work.

Geraldine said...

"A burgundy primrose grew" beautiful

You really have a way with this type of writing Jason; not an easy genre to tackle.

This was truly a fitting ending to the entralling journey you've shared with us...Well done!

beth♥ said...

I see I am not the only one speechless at the moment.

Ello said...

Holy Moly! That was awesome and incredibly sexy without being one bit sleezy. That's art! Wow! I seem to be blushing quite alot reading your blog lately. Whew! Do it again! :o)

Anonymous said...

Paisley, glad you enjoyed it! I realize this poem was a bit of an indulgence on my part. I'm happy that it came together.

Janey, thank you! I liked the folk tale-ish ending. The whole thing was organically written.

Aine, someday I'll figure out how to bring these different things into line. :)

Sarah, those words speak volumes. :)

Billy, I've always wanted to do one of these narrative poems. It was more of a fun process than I expected.

Geraldine, this style did pose certain challenges. If I'd written it whole, I think I may have experimented with some kind of refrain to break up the parts.

Beth, thank you. :) If this turns out to be a memorable piece, then I'm a happy man.

Ello, yes, it's not easy to be really erotic without crossing into erotica. What a fine line! I'm glad I stayed on the polite-society side for this one. =)

Terri said...

I love the burgundy primrose - nice touch :-)
I look forward to taking some time to read all the parts in sequence now. You have outdone yourself with this one, well done.

Miladysa said...

Well done!

An exceptional piece of writing and wonderful to read.