Monday, November 17, 2008

Water Song

Your wet autumn wind
clothes me
Wet yellow sunshine
Dipped in tapestry leaves
Fading now
But will not die today
I hope it won't
Because you're so very close
Just behind the
Royal speckled ground
And scry glass stream
I can't join

Once I was stronger
With all the colors
And russet whispers
But what side am I on now?
Maybe both
The song
And the silence


Anonymous said...

And the silence a pause of wonderous contemplation by the reader.

Charles Gramlich said...

You always use such great words. Scry, and speckled are perfect here.

Sarah Hina said...

There is something comforting about water for me, and yes, something telling, too. There are really no sides while in its midst--it just flows on and on. That silence is but a pause, a gathering, before the song resumes.

(I'm thinking this photo seems familiar...and still lovely. ;))

Anonymous said...

Dbalehane, that's a great point. I didn't quite take into account that after the reader finishes, he/she will also have a silence to contemplate.

Charles, thanks! I've always been fascinated by the term scry glass.

Sarah, as strong and penetrating as those silences feel in their midst, I know you're right. The songs begin again. (As for the photo, I did use another shot which was the right side of this tree and oriented vertically. And, interestingly, it also bears a striking resemblance to your photo today. :))

ChrisEldin said...

Beautiful, and I agree with Charles--those were my favorite two lines as well.

FANCY said...

This is so beautiful, the picture is speaking and so living...;)

Com'n over and pic up your award in my place ;))))

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I wish I could laze in a little row boat in these waters and read your poem.

It is good to be on both sides, the song and the silence, so much more is experienced.

Beautiful - ;)

Bridget Jones said...

This post reminds me strongly of Simon and Garfunkle.

paisley said...

But what side am I on now?
Maybe both
The song
And the silence

oh jason.. this line is perfection... and oh what an inspiration for thought!!!!!!!

Meghan said...


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

'Once I was stronger with all the colors and russet whispers....'I am in love with those lines. Stunning!

Vesper said...

But what side am I on now?
Maybe both
The song
And the silence


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris!

Fancy, I got an award?! Thank you! And thanks for the sentiment here.

Kaye, a boat and quiet water sounds intoxicating. :)

Bridget Jones, very cool! Now that you mention it.... I just have to write a tune to fit it.

Paisely, thanks so much, my friend. :)

Meghan, thanks!

Aggie, it was a day filled with photo ops.

Selma, thank you for telling me. :)

Vesper, I like the two states of mind, or questions, reflecting and flipping places.

JaneyV said...

If I came across the scene in your photo I would have to sit a while and just be. Your words are both beautiful and comforting. They add to the scene so well without intruding on the sounds of nature. I can't pick a favourite bit - it's all so great.

Oh and I totally get the Simon and Garfunkel thing (Kathy's song?)