Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Entry #103

I Am Not Shallow
by Mukta

See? I know I know I don’t picture that well…What? Look closer. Loser. The L.E.F.T corner… See me now?

Cool eh?! No my timing wasn’t off. It isn’t easy taking your own photo when you’re a shadow! And try using my moronic Steve!

Shallow? Me? You’re always crazy about winning Imprints contests, what’s up with that? I bet you weigh your human, probably force him to eat more so you can siphon off more power for the Imprints…

Am not shallow!

Zeihh. Sorry, ok, I take that back. Don’t tell mom, please?


I know. We’re not supposed to be vain. I do. I do respect our codes… No I didn’t mess with him-Promise.

It took all my concentration (and more; I sucked some of his) to get it together for a few precious seconds…

I was at it all morning, in the park. I almost got him to click twice. First time I got a bit confused, instead of moving his finger I ended up making him sneeze. Then, his mind mixed up the signals, he farted. Tricky stuff.

By the time I could focus again, he was back inside packing the camera. Had to do it then, he wasn’t going to remember that instinct to take a photo of his shadow any time soon after that.

So, here I am!

I just, I dunno. We just transcend when they die, you know and…it’s not fair. No one will ever know I was here. I wanted to capture me.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Vanity gets the better of everyone.

Well written!

Tan said...

Well, a tough story I might say, at least for me ...

I liked the idea of capturing one self and I bet, you are not shallow at all ...

Keep it up :)

The Preacherman said...

I remember a song called 'Shadow Dancer'. Haven't a clue who it was by but I liked it.

Like this 'n all.

Different and unusual and eminently readable - but what do I know eh? ;-)

Ta very much. One of my favourites is this. So there.

laughingwolf said...

a tough character :O

McKoala said...


Naughty shadow.

mukta said...

Hi everyone , thanks for the read!
@ Sameera- yea vanity does! & yet, at the root of it, isn't it an innocent little 'quest', a pretty complex trait! Thanks!
@Tan: Yes Tan I agree! :) whilst it may seem shallow to his kind, I wonder if it is..
Thanks for the kind encouragement Tan!!
@The Preacherman
Aw thanks! I owe you a beer mate! Or a coffee if you are so inclined!
:) I caught this electro remix version of a song called shadow dancers by cowbois (?) on youtube, I wonder if that's one you meant... Dunno though; electro infuses its own sensibilities into any kind of music.
@laughing wolf
Yes wolf it is, I felt like a growling canine trapped in a cage because of the word length, I hope I did it justice!
thanks for the read!
thanks! yes he's bending a lot of codes there!

Lena said...

that was really very different!
and you know.. not fair.. that they have to transcend :(

Poor them :(

Well done!!

Prashant Dhanke said...

The most orthogonal take. Just how much fun you had while writing this !! Loved the spirit. And thanks for gifting a new mate :).

Catvibe said...

Funny! I just took some pictures of my shadow recently. I wonder if it was controlling me to take it! Very imaginative and a place I would not have ever gone myself. I enjoyed it very much.

Sarah Hina said...

One of a kind piece, Mukta! I liked the flashes of humor mixed with the shadow's obvious resentment over being, well, a shadow. I got a real sense of the character here...and yes, the farting part made me laugh. :D

Strangely affecting end, too. Great stuff.

Terry said...

Mukta, I will never take my shadow for granted again! A very unique perspective. Your final paragraph echoes a sentiment that I have sometimes felt about my own existence. Like a shadow is a dark mirror of our self, your story reflects life.

Aniket Thakkar said...

This certainly was a different stroke and a lovely one at that! I wonder each day... Why am I on this earth... Why didn't the chicken cross the road? :-D (Pardon the pun)

September said...

Interesting. Good. I love seeing personas given in inanimate objects, but a shadow is not an moves....why not make it talk? Very interesting. I'll never see my shadow in the same way again. Maybe it's dying to talk to me.

bluesugarpoet said...

Tricky stuff indeeeeed - this one was hilarious! Love the persona you've crafted for this shadow. Glad I managed to get in one more read before the end of the contest. Your entry is great!


mukta said...

Thanks! I know, they aren't in any much control of their vanishing as we are of of death!
Yes I did mate, thank you! I loved your take too!
Thanks Cat! Yes well, share your shadows pics, maybe our shadows can get together for a coffee lol :)
Thankyou Sarah! I'm glad you got a sense of the character, since he is talking in response to the other shadow, and we dont hear what that other shadow says at all- it was a bit tricky. I'll probably rework it again soon.
Hi Terry, yea I agree I think we all deal with our own existential angst from time to time. I love what you say about how the shadow is a dark mirror of our self, that captures this idea beautifully! Thanks!
thanks Aniket. Aah yes people have spent countless hours trying to figure the mysterious behavior of chickens when it comes to roads... I personally think chickens don't see a Road at all. They just keep their eye on the worm. ;-)
I'm glad you found it interesting September, and you're right, objects they dont seem to be. Inanimate they are, and yet just as animated as us!
thanks for the read Jana, it's amazing how great this contest is, a lot of encouraging feedback!

Terry said...

Mukta, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment on my writing. However, you were much too generous with your praise. My friend, there are some REAL writers here, and I can not pretend to be among them. But, I want you to know that your kindness has been noted, and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a wonderful part of the contest!