Monday, July 13, 2009

Entry #100

Fame and Wine
by Sonia

Oh! A glass of wine so inviting and pure,
A sip would leave you craving for more
Same is true for glory and fame,
A taste of which would give you a name
Each gets better with passing time
As is true for old wine
I still choose wine over fame
One may pass but the other remain.

When tales of glory turn to folklore
And wine takes you to a spoor-
You should know, to ask not in vain
Should I or should I not proclaim?
Which of these is really mine-
Should I or should I not opine?
Fame to minds you would engrain,
Wine at times would leave you in disdain.

When erudition and wisdom finally galore
And I in all my worldliness implore-
You cannot do without either of them
Drink one and the other attain.
In all my years today I confine
I always wished the two would entwine.
While wine is precious and not mundane
Fame is much callous to maintain .

As long as you know how to handle both
You are fine and so I quoth.


The Preacherman said...

Couldn't write poetry if you paid me which is why I love the poetry entries so much.

This one in particular. Thank you.

Four Dinners

Aniket Thakkar said...

lol'd @ Preacherman.

I used to be much at unease with poetry too. Thankfully, my poet friends are helping me along.

This one had a lot of wisdom in it.
The last line was a stunner.

Well done.

Kunjal said...

love the poem:)the way you related wine and fame:)You ROCK!!!

Catherine Vibert said...

Nice poem, I enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Where else but in the art of poetry would you see the word opine? Very nice.

laughingwolf said...

exemplary, sonia...

Unknown said...

I will always see you in the ullage.The poetry,a perlicue,with many famous.Its like an poetic aglet that keeps you in unison and doesnt' require claques.Its a dibble to explore feelings and reposes positive vibes in life.----Monumental Alabaster----Asitav

PJD said...

I like that first stanza so much that I think the poem could end right there and be complete and satisfying.

Chris Eldin said...

Enjoyable verse, nicely written!

Sonia said...

Thank you so much, everyone.

Terri said...

I feel enlightened
(and slightly out of my league!)

Incidentally, I feel the same way as pjd about that first stanza - it is wonderful.

JaneyV said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting philosophical comparison and debate. Fate is a double-edged sword.

Sonia said...

Thanks to all who read this.
And THANKYOU Jason for letting me be here