Thursday, April 26, 2007

The "Endless Hour" Short Fiction Contest


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Index of Entries

Ares, Tricia, Hand Me Down (#5)
Avila, Esther, Table for Eight (#31), 1st Runner-up, Readers' Choice
Baker, Jack, On the Set of The WaterGIRL (#57)
Best, Mark, Loyalty Above All Else, Except Honor (#27)
Beth, Things We Cannot Say (#26), Honorable Mention
Brilliant Donkey, It's All Relative (#25), Honorable Mention
Canterbury Soul, Moebius (#34)
Chong, YL, Kak Left With the Postman (#44)
Cunningham, Mike, The Message (#46)
Dawson, Bob, Fertilizer Becomes Her (#23)
Douglas, Sam, Life Till Now (#28)
Ellis, J. Scott, Never Eat the Worm (#15)
Ensaff, Jude, Case # 453 (#13), Honorable Mention
Evans, Jason, Saturday Afternoon, Your Host
Ferrell, Sean, Talking Down the Flames, (#35) 2ND PLACE
Flemming, Susan, Care and Cleaning (#48)
Frasier, Anne, The Witch of Blackberry Hill, Special Guest
Gagnon. Donna, Domestic Spirits (#10)
George, Kaye, The Last Hour (#51)
Gilbert, Kaye, Through a Clean Circle (#11)
Gordon, Betty, One Last Time (#30)
Haws, Joni, Break (#12)
Heather, Again (#33)
Helene, Michele, Too Late, He Said, Too Late (#16)
Hendricks, Rebecca, Superstar (#54), 3RD PLACE
Hoffman, Gary R., Two Ways to Die (#20)
Jennifer, Entry #8
Johnston, SF, Skeleton Life (#32)
Kearney, Seamus, Marble Point (#17)
Kintheatl, Like Magic (#18)
Lazzara, Stephanie, After the Flood (#58)
Lehane, DBA, Never Never Land (#37)
Li, G., Afterglow (#36), Honorable Mention
Liadis, Paul, College (#1)
Longoria, Aaron, The Quiet Time (#50)
Lynn, Terri, Unwanted Life (#4)
Martinez, Mike, Janie’s Endless Hour (#41)
Maser, Jill, The Call (#14)
McAuley, John, Steak & Pork Brains (#55), Honorable Mention
Mermaid, Escape (#53)
Minx, Coming Home (#29)
Mutley The Dog, Washing Up (#21)
Napier, Katherine, Reality Bytes (#19), 5TH PLACE
Nolte, Roberta, Waiting It Out (#9)
Nothingman, Dirty Rose (#43)
Piper, Fran, Belonging (#59)
Procopio, Leesha, Desolate Heart (#47)
Rakeesh, Navatha, The Mind Games (#24)
Record, Trevor, Sleep (#40), 1ST PLACE
Rel, Realtor’s Gaff (#38)
Scheer, Wayne, Another Evening Like the One Before (#52)
Schprock, Mr., Darkness (#45)
Seamans, Sandra, Retaliation (#39)
Smith, Christian, Hot Shot (#22)
Wandering Author, Unkind Truth (#42)
Wavemancali, Weep Willow, Weep (#6)
Weagly, John, Mama’s Drapes (#2)
Welch, Terri, Domestic Bliss (#49)
Wells, Jaye, Werewife (#7), 4TH PLACE & READERS' CHOICE
Wells, Maht, Without Rose (#3)
Wright, C.Z., She Wanted to Be a Trapeze Artist (#56)


AngelConradie said...

those first six entries were spectacular! rather daunting for someone who hasn't started on their entry yet eh!
thanks for another brainwave jason!

Anonymous said...

Angel, you can do it!

And you're very welcome. :)

apprentice said...

All these are very good indeed. Look forward to reading more. Another great contest Jason.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I enjoy reading all the contest entries, Jason!! :) :)

Beth said...

I just read all the entries back to back and wow, great reads! I didn't know to comment separately or right here -- since this is my first time in the online contest world -- so I came here.

Nicely done, everyone!

Jay said...

Wow, what an index!

s.w. vaughn said...

Alas, I've not come up with anything yet - but if I don't think of something in the next two days, I'll at least enjoy reading all these entries! :-)

Jaye Wells said...

Great entires, so far. I would like to comment on the troubling trend of wives being offed for not doing the dishes, though. Seriously, folks, for the love of all that's holy, hire the Missus a maid.

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm so impressed by how many people enter.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That photo sure managed to bring out a lot of darkness & creepiness! Not too many people focussed on that nice bit of light coming through the dropped curtain, did they?

Pallav said...

Hey Jason, life took the better of my time and just got to know about the contest through BD, I have sent my entry, hope you can include it.

Thanks. :)


S. Kearney said...

Wow, what a flood of entries! My eyes are hurting! And there's lots of murder and misery. Bloody hell, you lot!

Anonymous said...

I have a short story competition running. Go to
for the details ...

mermaid said...

Thank you for your support. Always. I am not a fancy writer. I am a simple writer. My passion is to bleed the truth and my pain from my veins, as a red river of beauty turns into the blue ocean where I will always swim to horizon, that place where sea and sky meet, that place where the edge of the world meets the edge of me.

Anonymous said...

Jason — Your contest is inspiring. I love all the entries, the discussions/commenting and the community. Very invigorating!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful turn out! And you all have really embraced the community spirit. *Applause* Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

There's so much talent here!