Friday, June 30, 2006

"Midnight Road" Short Fiction Contest


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Index of Entries

Amadeo, Jenny, "Long Distance" (#55)
Anderson, Peter, "Quit These Hills" (#35)
Avila, Esther, "It Is Finished" (#9)
Ball, Jr., Robert H., "Exit Plan" (#24)
Berg, Jack, Entry #54
Blackwater, Jade L., "Picking Cattails" (#52)
Bofire, "Last Call" (#44)
++Bridges, Elisha, "Jimmy Crick" (#42)**FIRST PLACE & READERS CHOICE AWARD**
Chris C., "In a Yellow Wood" (#48)
Cozine, Herschel, "Tomorrow" (#13)
Dufresne, Jerilyn, "Possibilities" (#2)
Eggman, Phil, "The Question" (#15)
Ellis, J. Scott, "Out With the Old…" (#28)
Emeraldcite, "Fishers of Beasts" (#7)
Flemming, Susan, "Frozen in Black Ice" (#45)
Flood, "The Marker" (#10)**2nd Runner-Up, Readers Choice**
Ford, Jamie, "Anytown, USA" (#36)**1st Runner-Up, Readers Choice**
Forgottenmachine, "Nightendday" (#40)
Fort-Bolton, Linda, "The Immortal Flight" (#33)**Honorable Mention**
Ghosh, Bhaswati, "The Eyewitness" (#19)
Gilbert, K. Lawson, "Atonement of Atomes" (#27)
Haring, Bev, Entry #32
Haws, Joni, "Tuesday" (#49)**FOURTH PLACE**
Hendricks, Rebecca, "Tiger Tale" (#6)
Hood, Anna, "Thirty Years of Marriage" (#46)
Hugenbruch, Brian W., "Homecoming" (#31)
Jane, Rebecca, "Escaping Through Lightning Alley" (#50)
Landry, Forrest, "Caste Keep" (#11)
Little Puddle, "Broken Fairy Tale" (#41)
Long, Chong Yen, "Midnight Sanctuary" (#18)
McAuley, John, "Hoboken Haiku" (#16)**SECOND PLACE**
McCracken, Kristi, "Hold on or Move on?" (#14)
McDermott, Steven J., "FNG" (#56)
Melly, "The Highest Point" (#5)
Merriman, Melissa, "The Body On The Grave" (#43)
Neale, Jeff, "A Separate Journey" (#23)
Owens, Fritz, "Midnight Assignation" (#17)
Pajalic, Amra, "Appetiser" (#37)
Piper, Fran, "Disconnection" (#39)
Puch, C├ęsar, "Silhouette" (#20)
Rapino, Anthony J., "I See the Light" (#21)**Honorable Mention**
Rapoza, R.R., "When the Lights Go Out" (#25)
Rohloff, Robert, "The Keeper of Souls" (#22)
Rooney, C., "Fetish" (#4)
Roy, Entry #47**FIFTH PLACE**
Seamans, Sandra, "Civic Duty" (#26)**THIRD PLACE**
Sig H., "We Are the Hollow Men" (#53)
Smith, Christian, "Indoor Recess" (#29)
Snowden, Rebecca, "Night Blindness" (#51)**Honorable Mention**
Stitzel, Jim, "The Midnight Road" (#12)
Terrill, Cavan, "Blood Electric" (#3)
Thornquist, John, "Midnight Call" (#30)
Ultra Toast Mosha God, Entry #1
Wells, Jaye, "Going Back to Basics" (#8)
Woehr, Deborah, "The Death Penalty" (#38)
Workman, Jim, "The Last Train" (#34)

++Elisha Bridges is the pen name of S.F. Johnston, a Canadian currently living in Holland. He won an honorable mention for his story "Every Hope and Dream" in the "Two Lights" Short Fiction Contest.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! nice story might come out of this.
wish you well :)

anne frasier said...

wow, jason. i'm so glad it's you and not me. this is going to be tough. nobody's fooling around.

the quality here is amazing.

emeraldcite said...

I think you might get a nice, big selection of stories this time around. I don't envy your position!

For The Trees said...

Hey! How come we only get to send in one story??? Are you low on coffee?

Thanks for the contest!

Shesawriter said...

Oh, boy! Lots of good stuff to read! HOOYAH!

Unknown said...

Great reading these!

Bernita said...

I have two favorites already.

emeraldcite said...

This is going to be tough, Jason. A bunch of good stories here!

Anonymous said...

Tony, I'll be sure to check out your site.

Anne, you ain't kidding! I'm trying to keep up with scoring.

Emeraldcite, I love seeing where each writer's mind flies off to.

For the Trees, I'm just trying to keep the playing field even. ;)

Tanya, you can say that again! Great writing is going on here.

Robin, thanks! It's a treat to see the range.

Bernita, I wonder if I should have a reader's choice winner too....

Emeraldcite, I really appreciate the effort being made.

IanBradley said...

I wanted to thank you for the simple kindness of your comment at the lounge. That so many of you were touched by Jenn is beautiful and a testament to what a wonderful person she was. I owe her everything. All the stuff at the lounge is because of Jenn. She wouldn't let me forget Drinkwater and Fivelegs. She wouldn't let me be lazy about my writing. Now I'm rambling. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Another great contest, Jason! Wow, what a tough competition! =D

Anonymous said...

A reader's choice pick would be great, too! It would be very interesting to see what everyone else thought was the best of the best here.

For The Trees said...

I've just read Stories 1 through 29. I'm amazed. The quality sings.

MY entry sucks. If I wasn't such a coward I'd tell Dr. Evans to pull it. I didn't even get the theme right.

Think I'll go off to the backyard and eat worms.

Linda said...

Wow Jason I am enjoying reading everyones entries. Good luck to ya my friend cause they are all great!!

Shesawriter said...

Looks like this contest has turned into a rousing success. Congrats, Jason!

Anonymous said...

ianbradley, the news of Jenn hit me hard. She was part of a story I always admired and respected (Oldben, Mysfit, keeping in touch via the blog, etc.) I can't believe that circle has suffered this loss.

Kelly, they sure don't make it easy for me!

Jim, I've decided to do a reader's choice. I'll announce the voting rules tomorrow.

For the Trees, I hope you're not referring to Entry #11. I enjoyed that one very much!

Beady, thanks! These wonderful folks really stepped up to the challenge.

Tanya, yes! It's very exciting!

Bernita said...

That goodness your rules for reader's choice leaves me out.
I wouldn't know what to do.
Began listing my favourites, but after the number topped a dozen and was still climbing I quit.
Don't envy you your job, Jason, trying to decide among such talent.
Such excellent writing!