Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Silent Grey" Short Fiction Contest

Click HERE for the contest announcement, prizes, and rules.


Index of Entries

Anderson, Peter, Power (#26)
Angel, Non-Profit (#43)
Anna, Off the Grid (#13) FIFTH PLACE
Atyllah, The Danger of Words (#44)
Avila, Esther, New Curtains - New Beginning (#38)
BB, Shady (#16)
Cailleach, Entry #41
Catherman, Bryan D., The Satchel (#23)
Caveblogem, Atomic Punk (#36)
Chochippie, The Wall (#34)
Christine, Diana, Grey Inspiration (#18)
Cozine, Herschel, Once Upon A Time (#5)
Daviou, Albert G., Selfina (#19)
Dawdy, Matt, Another Sign (#14)
Dong, Mu Tai, Emergency (#40)
Ellis, J. Scott, Silent Grey (#12)
Emeraldcite and emdashpoet, Carry that Weight (#50)
Ensaff, Jude, The Summer of Sixty Five (#28)
Evans, Jason, Once YOUR HOST
Forgottenmachine, Silver Bells and Cockle Shells (#24)
Ghosh, Bhaswati, The Rendezvous (#42)
Gordon, Betty, Crack in an Hour-glass (#21)
Hatadi, Daniel, The Nature of Decay (#48)
Haws, Joni, The Centenarian (#15)
Hendricks, Rebecca, Space (#49) SECOND PLACE
Johnston, SF, Patsy (#9)
Kintheatl, Let Her Sleep (#17)
Liadis, Paul, The Old Grey Wall (#10)
Magle, Margaret Ann, Starting Over (#39)
Mayari, Nine on Nine (#51)
McAuley, John, Furniture and Betty (#45) THIRD PLACE
Miller, Mike, The Apartment (#6)
Minx, Funeral Greys (#30)
Mutleythedog, Walls of the Mind (#31)
MV, The Blank Canvas (#20) FOURTH PLACE
Neale, Jeff, Bubba's Freedom (#22)
Nothingman, Spellbound (#11)
O’Loughlin, Jim, Wake (#27) FIRST PLACE
Piper, Fran, After the Party (#46)
Rapoza, R.R., Personal Demons (#32) HONORABLE MENTION
RG, Rectangular Vision (#47)
Sarcasticynic, Sorry, Ogden (#7)
Seamans, Sandra, In the Arms of Angels (#25) HONORABLE MENTION
Shameless, Montmartre (#33) HONORABLE MENTION
Smith, Christian, Fire Ants (#29)
Smith, Kim, The Thief (#35)
Stitzel, Jim, Veni, Vedi (#4)
Vaughn, S.W., The Barrio (#2) READERS' CHOICE AWARD
Wavemancali, Voices (#1)
Welch, Terri, A Room with a View (#37) HONORABLE MENTION
Wells, Jaye, It's Not So Bad (#8)
Wright, Sam, Grey Awakening (#3)


Bernita said...

Kind of you to wish my husband well, Jason.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy it turned out so well for him. Hope he's feeling himself again.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you are amazing, brave or insane to do all the work that comes with these contests. Either way I hope you stay that way.

Anonymous said...

Little quieter contest this time with Anne around to help out, I'm noticing. Either that, or it's the proximity to the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Eileen!! I guess I'd have to leave it to the people who know me to give you an answer. ;)

Jim, yes, I knew Anne's stature would pull more entries last time. I'm liking all the new faces here, though. These contests are a great way for people to connect. That's why it's a privilege for me to host them.

Joni said...

And we love you for it, Jason!

emeraldcite said...

I love the contests. Always an excellent challenge. Got my entry in just under the deadline :)

Thanks again for a great contest!

Anonymous said...

Jason, how pleased you must be.
Such a high standard to the delightful number of entries received. :-)

Anonymous said...

Joni, thank you, my friend. :)

Emeraldcite, yes, you were the last! That takes some fortitude.

Susan, yes, this has been a very good contest. Thanks! :)

anne frasier said...

i have to admit i've enjoyed reading this time without feeling the pressure of choosing winners from so many great entries. i think the image was a little tougher, but it also seemed to generate a wider variety of plots.

thanks jason and everybody who entered. most enjoyable week!!

Anonymous said...

Anne, I need to give you a title or something. Perhaps Judge Emeritus. The Honorable Anne Frasier? Yeah, I kinda like that. ;)

I missed you this time around. Maybe someday we'll do it again.

Jeff said...

Thanks for hosting another great contest, Jason!

Ginny Warth said...

I can't believe I missed this one! The picture is so great! I have to go read some stories now. sorry for missing out on this one.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, thanks, my friend.

LittlePuddle, great to see you! I missed you. :) I'll be running another one probably in April or so if you are interested.