Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Restless Dawn" Short Fiction Contest


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Index of Entries
Allen, Jerry, Jacob Smiles (#18)
Amusing, By Nightfall, a Pile of Rocks, in a Clearing (#22)
Anti-Wife, Frogs and Lobsters (#33)
Caffrey, Angelique H., Just Another Monday Morning in Hell (#14), Honorable Mention and Readers' Choice Award
Camptown, Dottie, Dialogue Girl (#26), 4th Place
Canterbury Soul, Staying Afloat (#39)
Chong, YL, An American Dreamscape (#43)
Church Lady, Escape? (#17)
Contestant, And I Miss Her So (#25)
Cozine, Herschel, A Fork In The Road (#6)
Dimond, Rachael, Remember Me (#3)
Douglas, Ava, "What a Beautiful Sunrise! (#35)
DyingDusk, The Belt of Venus (#52)
Edwards, Bob, He Looked Up (#31)
Ello, Manila Bay, Philippines, December 7th, 1941 (#7)
Evans, Jason, Nami's Lullaby, Your Host
Hart, Katie, French Dawn (#30)
Hina, Sarah, Homecoming (#11)
Hoodie, Sky Poacher (#44)
The Individual Voice, Last-Minute Lara (#45)
Kearney, Seamus, This Lonely Hour (#38)
Liadis, Paul, To Be The Hero Once More (#12)
Little, Karen, Morning Wash (#21)
Longoria, Aaron, Dragon Sunset (#24)
Martinez, Mike, Red Sky Morning (#27)
Maurya, Abhinav, A Tale Of Two Cities (#23)
McArthur, Donald W., Red Sky (#20)
McAuley, John, Rock of Ages: Sunrise (#50), Honorable Mention
Monchego, Jr., Victor Bravo, Blood in the Sky over Paramaribo (#53)
Mutley the Dog, Restless Dawn (#41)
Napier, Katherine, The One (#32)
Nithya N, The Clock Struck 5:00 (#49)
Nothingman, Dragonfly’s Breakfast (#1)
Perfect Neurotic, Sunrise Faith (#29), 2nd Place
Posolxstvo, Olaf’s Big Adventure (#47)
Precie, Morning (#15), 5th Place
Rakeesh, Navatha, Restless Dawn (#40)
Rowan, Rebecca, Restless Dawn (#34)
Salas, Alexander, Last Sunrise (#10)
Mr. Schprock, Witness Protection (#46)
Seamans, Sandra, Admiring The View (#5)
Seidel, Christian, Burning Witches (#28)
Simpson, Scott, My Last Cloudy Thought (#9)
Szelsofa, Restless Dawn (#16), Honorable Mention
Therese, Choice (#51)
Trexler, Roger Dale, Hidden Fire (#4)
van Eck, Leon, Auscultation (#37), 3rd Place
Vinson, Missy, Looking Back on the Road Ahead (#48)
Vogt, Josh, No Margin (#8), Honorable Mention
Wavemancali, Another Sunrise (#19)
Weagly, John, Daybreak (#2), Honorable Mention
Weaver, Raine, The Name of the Stone (#36), 1st Place
Wells, Jaye, Phoenix Rising (#13)
Witnessing Am I, The Day's End (#42)


Jaye Wells said...

Wow, so many already? Can't wait to read all of them.

Angela said...

This is what I really love about your blog. The quality of the writing here is really incredible.

Abhinav said...

Hi. I've just wandered onto your blog and really like it. It's a writer's blog!!!

Abhinav said...

Does nationality impose any restriction on entering the contest?

Anonymous said...

Jaye, we're off to a good start. :)

Angela, I can't take credit for that one. These folks are really good.

Abhinav, thank you! There is no restriction on entering. Everyone is welcome. I'm not sure about the logistics of using Amazon gift certificates in U.S. Dollars, but in this global age, it shouldn't be impossible.

Unknown said...

I'll do it. I've got an idea, I just need time to flesh it out. perhaps by the end of the weekend? Wish me luck, I haven't written a story in such a very long time...

Abhinav said...

Hi. Jason. I'm participating in your contest for the very first time. But the writing here is so good that I just couldn't resist the temptation of atleast seeing my name alongwith all these wonderful creative people. Cheers. Enjoying reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Jason, you are doing a great job here.

will submit my entry soon.

by the way, i have just given you an award. pop by to check it out.

x said...

I know you are contest-busy, but for distraction I just tagged you for an instructional poetry meme.

Joanne said...

I knew I was missing more than your wonderful writing when I hadn't visited in such a long time. I'll have to see if I can drum up something to go with that beautiful image. I wonder if a week is enough time. LOL You're doing a great job here, Jason!

Beth said...

Jason, I submitted my story, but am not sure you received it. Please, let me know. I couldn't really wrap my head around what I needed to write this time, but once again, I am LOVING reading the entries. Amazing stuff, people!

S. Kearney said...

Oh, great, I must get cracking and do something for this ... a story came to me as soon as I saw that picture!:-)

Anonymous said...

Electric Orchid Hunter, thanks for taking the plunge and entering!

Abhinav, looks like folks are enjoying it. =)

C.S., an award? Thanks, my friend!

Individual Voice, I'll see if I can take a crack at it.

Joanne, great to see you! I hope you've been well. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Beth, I have your entry, and it will be up later this morning (Monday). I have a number of entries from the weekend to move into the post schedule.

Shameless, can't wait! Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring.

Sarah Hina said...

In case you couldn't tell from my rabid commenting, Jason, I'm really enjoying this contest. ;)

I've also enjoyed sifting through your archives. There's such a wealth of good writing, and beautiful photos, to be found here.

Thanks for this lovely community!

Abhinav said...

I'd second Sarah's opinion. Lovely stuff! Rare to come across!! Rarer to come across on blogs!!!

I see that most people have gotten serious about the pic... Now only if it had been a poetry contest, we would have seen the fireworks... ;-)

Lot of creative energy flowing on your blog. Love it absolutely!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, seeing the energy that you and other participants put into the contests makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for that! And thanks for taking the time to see what else I've been up to. :)

Abhinav, yes, the energy is amazing. It's always wonderful to see how it grows on its own during contest time. I hope to be seeing more of you!

Abhinav said...

There seems to be a problem with entry# 35's formatting. Just check it out...

Anonymous said...

I've made a coding correction on #35. Hopefully, it's rendering correctly in all browsers now.

Abhinav said...

Thanks for taking the trouble Jason.

Precie said...

I agree with Sarah...the archives are impressive too!

x said...

I really wanted to try this but I have been mulling and mulling and seem to be too wordy for short/shorts. And today's the deadline. Lots of great submissions though.

Jay said...

Yay 51!

What a great bunch of stories. I'll have to keep coming back.