Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Halo" Short Fiction Contest


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Click HERE for the contest announcement, prizes, rules, and judging information.

Index of Entries

Ally, Four (#73)
Angel, Rothar (#51)
Anti-Wife, Reprisal (#8)
Apprentice, Rhudha-an’s Task (#23)
Baldwin, Barry, Joyce Kilmer Was Wrong (#10)
Banis, Victor J., Panic (#4)
Blackmoore, Stephen, Beautiful Places (#41), 1st Place & Readers' Choice Award
Blackwater, Jade Leone, Ravish by Rainstorm (#67)
Bourbeau, Julie, Namibian Safari (#39)
Brarian, L.I., Movies on the Wall (#48)
Brilliant Donkey, Waiting (#83)
Brown, Fred, Expiration (#20)
Caffrey, A.H., Inheritance (#7), 2nd Runner-Up, Readers' Choice Award
Camptown, Dottie, Mr. Fifth Date (#72), 4th Place
Canterbury Soul, Miss James (#35), Honorable Mention
Carkner, Jenn, The Collectors (#80)
Cole, Carol A., Damnation Before the Dawn (#79)
Cozine, Herchel, Condemned (#12)
Dearborn, Elizabeth, Who Knew? (#42)
Dimond, Rachael, The End (#57)
Dumoski, Stace, Wizard in the Wood (#33)
Earl, Amanda, The Scent of Red (#63), 2nd Place
Eldin, Christine, Decision (#22)
Emeraldcite, Entry #59
Ensaff, Jude, The Call (#46)
Evans, Jason, The Shadow Messiah, Your Host
Flatley, Helen, The Move (#56)
FunkyMunky, Fear (#78)
Gordon, Betty, Memories (#68)
Green, Rachel, Game for a LARP (#38)
Hammel, John, Vision Quest (#64)
Harris, Bernita, Trolleri (#69)
Heidt, Yvonne, Entry #5
Helene, Michele, Somewhere Safe (#31)
Hina, Sarah, Chasing The Sun (#54), Honorable Mention & 1st Runner-Up, Readers' Choice Award
Hoodie, Weekend Getaway (#16)
Hubbard, Martha, Light through the Birches (#62)
Johnston, SF, Trees (#2)
Khote, Ayoub, Entry #36
Laine, Dee, A Sign (#9)
Lemon, Adele, The Dream (#44)
Lessig, Terry W., The Call (#25)
Lew, C.P., Shadow and Light (#61)
Liadis, Paul, Out of the Darkness (#74)
Márquez Castro, Eduardo A., The Amber Pillar (#15)
Martinez, Mike, A Break in the March (#18)
Mastracci, Marie, The Taking (#71)
McAuley, John, Policies (#77), 3rd Place
Mr. Schprock, Morgan Toomey (#45)
Monchego, Jr., Victor B., Three-Fourths of an Ounce (#32), Honorable Mention
Motin, Amin, My First Love (#47)
Napier, Katherine, Predators (#1)
Neale, Jeff, Predator (#27)
Nothingman, The Most Curious Day in the Jungle (#49)
Nolte, Roberta, Forest For the Trees (#81)
Nugent, Jennifer, God Save the Queen (#34)
Ostrander, Ann, The Truth (#37), 5th Place
Palmer, Lois, The Golden Head (#52)
Pearl, Iron Chef: Improv Challenge (#65)
Peck, Andrea, Metamorphosis (#60)
Philpott, Karen, The Knowledge (#76)
Pinckard, Anne, Spirit Woods (#43)
Poppen, Sharon, And They Stayed (#11)
Powell, Daniel, Decision (#82)
Qadri, Rajaa, Gifts Of Heaven (#66)
Rakeesh, Navatha, Fresh Air (#55)
Rapino, Anthony J., Taking Stock (#21)
Rob, Guide Me Home (#29), Honorable Mention
Ryan, Joseph, The Farmer and His Boy (#17)
Salas, Alexander, Halo (#40)
Scheer, Wayne, The Browbridge Brothers (#6)
Schmidt, Nicky, Just Words (#50)
Seamans, Sandra, Prisoner Of War (#14)
Simpson, Scott, Crude Awakenings (#30)
SzélsõFa, Halo (#13)
Therese, Lost (#75)
Trexler, Roger Dale, The Final Cut (#24)
Vesper, Hide and Seek (#19)
Vogt, Josh, Just Over the Ridge (#53)
Wavemancali, The Ropes of Māui (#70)
Weagley, John, Brambles in the Lavender Darkness (#3)
Wells, Jaye, Faery Rings and Broken Dreams (#28), Honorable Mention

(Enjoy the writing, comment early and often, and take the time to visit the writers whose vision speaks to you! --Jason Evans)


Chris Eldin said...

Hi, I posted your contest on my blog:

I host weekly creative writing exercises on my blog, and thought your contest was just terrific!!


Chris (takoda)

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Never even knew you had a contest going till now, Jason.

Anonymous said...

Takoda, thanks for helping spread the word!

Susan, I hope you are enjoying your travels. Be well.

Scott from Oregon said...

bernita says go so I came-- I gave your contest a shot-- Here is my short...

--Crude Awakening--

Awaking to that large crack and the tufts that adorned it and the mossy softness that made me want to reach out and see if it were real this time; the smell of garbage washing my way clouding my sinuses and the tickling of something like ants across the back of my neck…

Cold cement pressing sharply flat against my temple like a brick on my face; puffs of dust darting about as I am breathing in and out, in and out…

Above me are the early morning sounds of early morning in this city full of stars and lights a-twinkling.

The crack seems real and I pull on what grows near it. For now, cleaning out this crack is what I do. If I get it clean, I can get a finger in. I can run my finger up and down inside. I can have relations without consequences too dire to contemplate.

I have fallen far, it seems. Several parts of me hurt- a lot.

I may have broke an ankle and a wrist.

There is a pizza looking pile of vomit not far from here. It shouldn’t be there. I don’t think it came from me.

There are too many now to ignore. They come in large groups and they seem so full of purpose. The one hand I can use can reach them if I take my finger from the crack. I don’t know how many there were, but wiping the ants from my neck brings a brief relief from the driving-me-crazy feeling. The tickling is now a gritty, soothing skin on skin.

If I had water, I could surely pee right here.

The crack needs more of my attention. I need to clean the crack.

What was it that she said? “You need to stop trying to “fix” everything. People are broken. The world is full of broken people. I can’t be with you anymore… I’m tired of being analyzed… When you try and fix me, you make me feel broken.”

The crack is big enough for my smallest finger. The ants have regrouped and are traipsing across my neck again. My ankle throbs. My wrist throbs. The world seems sharply cold and is pressed against my temple like a brick on my face.

“Get drunk. I don’t care. I’ll catch a cab home where I don’t expect to see you anymore.”

Is that what happened?

Chris Eldin said...

Ha! I am NOT the only one who can't read directions! Somewhere, Scott, somewhere, is a place where you should email your entry.

You can leave it here for the kind blog master to retrieve it sometime around midnight he'll send you an email. :-)

Scott from Oregon said...


oh well...

what do you expect in the morning before the coffee kicks in? Maybe next time...

Chris Eldin said...

I did the same thing! Hope that came across in my posting.

I LOVE your entry, btw. And can't wait to 'officially' comment on it!

Anonymous said...

Scott for Oregon, you can email your entry to jevanswriter at yahoo dot com.

I would take it from here, but I need your email address for contest business. Thanks!

Anthony Rapino said...

Posted about the contest on my blog.

And for those wondering why that rat Anthony Rapino isn't commenting on any stories, that's because it's me, onipar. :-)

Jude said...

Hey Jason... have announced comp on my blog and seeing as you're really busy with the competition, I thought I'd tag you with a meme. In your own time. I had to ask someone?!! Lucky you :-)

AngelConradie said...

i just love how many sci-fi and fantasy stories have been dreamed up from this picture!

JRVogt said...

I tried to announce it on my blog far enough ahead that people would still have more than twelve hours to get involved. Thanks for the fun this has been, Jason.

Wavemancali said...


Been trying to e-mail my entry since last night and I've been getting rejection notices from yahoo all day. I sent my entry from work this morning I hope you got it.

Anonymous said...

Onipar, thanks for the promo!

Jude, ooh, you kick me when I'm down. ;) It seems like a good meme. I will need some time, though.

Angel, the wide range of approaches and visions is the best lesson of these contests, I think.

Josh, I appreciate the effort! Thanks for the mention.

Wavemancali, yes, I've received it now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jason, thanks for all your hard work putting on this event.