Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Running Wind" Short Fiction Contest


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Index of Entries
Aerin, Dreamland Eyes (#62) HONORABLE MENTION
Amy T., Winnie Rides Again (#16)
Angel, Done (#59)
Ansari, Sameera, Highway No 57 (#26)
Avila, Esther, Letting Go (#45)
BernardL, Childish Things (#5)
Caffrey, Angelique H., Lunar Cycles (#57)
Camptown, Dottie, Shadow Cast – 4:18 (#34)
Canterbury Soul, Cold Coffee (#54)
Courtland, Linda, Riding to Extinction (#21)
Durfee, Mark, Being an Environmentalist Requires Some Sacrifice (#40)
Ellis, J. Scott, Freebird (#32) HONORABLE MENTION
Ello, Speed (#18)
Evans, Jason, No More Your Host
Ferrell, Sean, Reversal (#56) SECOND PLACE
Gilbert, K. Lawson, Visiting You In Ward B (#13)
Gordon, Betty, The Phone Call (#33)
Gramlich, Charles, Precious Cargo (#1) READERS' CHOICE & HONORABLE MENTION
Greenberg, KJ Hannah, Squamata’s Rumble: Certain Results of Biker Attitude (#38)
Hina, Sarah, And Miles To Go Before She Sleeps (#27) FIRST PLACE
JaneyV, Blind Ambition (#53)
Jefe B, You Can’t Get There From Here (#61) FIFTH PLACE
Joujan, Anna G., On Her Own (#14)
Karlan T, The Last Mile (#46)
Kechula, Michael A., Heading for Los Banos (#30)
Kempka, Hal, Forever Together (#42)
King, Ronald, Pure Evel (#15)
La Violette, Rusty, Ridin’ in the Dark (#28)
Laughingwolf, Hubris... (#55)
Lena, It All Is Over (#25)
Liadis, Paul, Ar’n Man (#39) FOURTH PLACE
Lidell, Pernille Novotni, The Right Decision (#48)
Lidell, Peter, Me, Myself and I (#47)
Lynn, Rita, First Blush (#20)
Martinez, Mike, Alone in the Dark (#11)
Millie, Losing Freedom (#31)
Montgomery, J.C., Out Running (#43)
Mystico, Running Away (#2)
Nicolson, Ewen, You Don’t Know Who You’re Dealing With, Do You? (#51)
Nothingman, The Name of Hope (#37)
Odhner, Melanie, Something There (#7)
Ostrander, Beth, The Gray Ghost (#10)
Perl-Oshins, Sheri, GPS (#9)
Pinto, Joanita, Birthday Happy (#35)
Poppen, Sharon, Blond Hair (#4)
Posolxstvo, Anywhere But Here (#19) HONORABLE MENTION
Salas, Alexander, Yogi’s Last Ride (#3)
Seamans, Sandra, Running Psych-Oh (#8)
Simpson, Scott, Blurred Vision (#6) HONORABLE MENTION
Mr. Schprock, Not a Jap Bike (#58)
Summers, J., You Go Ghoul Friend (#41)
SzélsőFa, The White Room (#29)
Teglia, Charlene, Mystery Hill (#60)
Tomlinson, James R., Crisscrossing Over (#22)
Trexler, Roger Dale, Chameleon (#17)
Trizzino, Catherine, A Short Fast Ride (#52)
Vesper, Time and Again (#50)
Vinson, Missy, Goodnight, Ladies (#64)
Vogt, Josh, Time is a Road (#49) THIRD PLACE
Watters, Charlene, Born to be Wild (#23)
Watters, Kim, Running Wind…Whispering Shadows (#24)
Wavemancali, Robin’s Flight (#44)
Weathers, Julie, Chasing the Moon (#63)
Wuff Al, Only One Thing (#36)
Young, Henry, Bitch (#12)


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Hi Jason,
This is a great idea and has really sparked my imagination. I emailed you my entry tonight. (Thanks Chris for telling me about it. You were right, it was exactly what I needed.)

Jason, do the numbers in parenthesis indicate the order you received them, or who is presently in first place?

Anonymous said...

Sheri, so great to have you enter! Thanks. The numbers indicated are the order I received the entries. No rankings will be announced until the end, and readers' choice voting is conducted by secret ballot after the entry period closes.

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Yeah I figured it out after I sent it and then I felt like such a contest virgin... but hey, I guess we all start out that way at some point!

And thanks for all your work in organizing this for us. It's great!

Wavemancali said...

Jason, I sent in my entry in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, was wondering if you've received it... don't want to miss the deadline.

Wavemancali said...

Nevermind, I see you got it.. what can I say I am a deadlinophobe :)

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure our emails are reaching each other in a timely manner. I responded by email to your comment a couple hours ago.

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to everyone. I really enjoyed reading all the entries, visiting new blogs, and getting to make some bloggy friends. This has been a wonderful experience.

A HUGE thank you to Jason for putting this together for us and all the hard work it must have entailed.

BTW, I posted about some of my favorite entries and put the links to those stories and the writers' blogs as well.

Again, best of luck!

Meghan said...


I just got back from Greece last night (the 15th). Looks like I missed this one. Oh well. Hopefully another will come along soon. Good luck to everyone who entered!

Julie Weathers said...

Laughingwolf told me about this and I couldn't resist.

The entries were fun.

The Solitary Writer said...

hey jason

am sorry mate ...i really wanted to participate in this contest ...but i am afraid that i am late now...wht shud i do now
its already 17th july now
and any way do arrange such contests .....may be in future i wud join it

blogrolled u

Geraldine said...

Great to see such a long list of entries! Wow, you've got some work to do now Jason, trying to decide those who take away the prizes. Good luck to all the entrants.

Hope it's not too long until the next contest Jason and then I KNOW I'll once again be inspired!