Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Ascension" Short Fiction Contest


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Index of Entries
Aerin Rose*, Squaring Up (#118) HONORABLE MENTION
Andrews, Jana, Karma (#96)
Anks, The Interview (#43)
Ansari, Sameera*, Reassurance (#33)
Avila, Esther*, Waiting on a Miracle (#125) HONORABLE MENTION
Arjun, Escalating Life (#75)
BernardL, Crush (#1)
Bhatia, Amrita, The Last Realization (#101)
Caffrey, Angelique H.*, Infinity (#12) 5TH PLACE
Camptown, Dottie*, Static Ellen (#54) 3RD PLACE
Canterbury Soul*, 2009 (#41)
Ceedy, Nirvana (#65)
Clarke, Susan, The Co-Conspirator (#113)
Collins, Patsy, Going Down (#37)
Coughlin, Frank, The Empress Ascends (#122)
Courtland, Linda, So What if She Has No Feet? (#30)
Cozine, Herschel, The Long Climb (#23)
Cranmer, David, Flight of the Grievous Angel (#93)
Davidson, Peter, The Heights (#4)
Day, Terry, My Hero (#97)
DeCarlo, Renee, Range of View (#45)
Deepsat, Ascension (#85)
Deshmukh, Harshad*, A Bullet With My Name (#34)
de vivre, Joie, Zero Feeling (#108)
Dhanke, Prashant*, Life Is Beautiful (#84)
Dickson, Donna*, The List (#6) HONORABLE MENTION
D’Souza, Elvira, Weighing Options (#76)
Dudley, Peter*, Sliding (#90) 1ST PLACE
Ellis, J. Scott, The Yes Man (#83)
Ello, From Dark to Light (#59)
Emeraldcite*, Up (#16)
Ennis, Scott, Resurrection Blue (#107)
Evans, Jason, 5 Minutes YOUR HOST
Faris, Jenn, Arrival (#46)
Geraldine, The Gift (#5)
Gilbert, K. Lawson*, The Baptizer (#124)
Goodall, Stuart*, Ascension (#119)
Gordon, Betty, Escalating Fear (#22)
Green, Rachel*, Underlater (#9)
Greenberg, KJ Hannah, Reflexing Upward (#10)
Griswold-Ford, Val, One Step (#91)
Gupta, Manan, Good Times, Bad Times (#36)
Hina, Sarah, The Journey GUEST WRITER
Hiren, Emotional Atyachaar (#98)
Hogue, Kristy, (Electric) Stairway to Heaven (#24)
Jakobsen, Mette, Falling (#21)
Janey V*, The Valentine’s Date (#49) HONORABLE MENTION
Jennifer*, Translation (#81)
Johnson, Peggy L., Treadmill (#11)
Joujan, Anna G., Baggage Claim, Up One Level (#63)
Karen, You Have No Right (#53)
King, Tiffany, The Lottery Winner (#105)
Kubuitsile, Lauri, Perks of the Job (#69)
Kunal, P, I Can’t Live Without You (#100)
Kunjal, Ascension (#78)
Laughingwolf*, Shafted (#28) HONORABLE MENTION
Laurie X*, At the Still Point of the Turning World (#40) HONORABLE MENTION
Lena, Getting Free (#7)
Liadis, Paul, Reversal (#26)
Lissa, The Long Ride (#15)
Livesey, Rebecca*, Purgatory (#68)
L’uragano, The Letter (#114)
Mandar S, Entry #116
McAuley, John*, In Blue (#112) HONORABLE MENTION
McKoala*, That day (#74) HONORABLE MENTION
Monchego, Jr., Victor Bravo*, Up is Fine (#17) 4TH PLACE
Montgomery, J.C.*, Enlightened (#66)
Morocco-Clarke, Ayodele, At The World’s Feet (#89)
Murphy, Dina, And the Gobstoppers Rolled Like Marbles (#60)
Murty, Yamini, Antithesis (#95)
Mukta, I Am Not Shallow (#103)
Mystico, Going Up (#19)
Nagel, B., Further Up, Further In (#31)
Nash, Sara*, Vertigo (#52)
Nicholds, Sherri, Momentum (#58)
Nicolson, Ewen, Stand Right (#48)
Nothingman*, A Thousand And One Years (#72)
Parker, Scott D.*, The Truth Behind Boot-cut Jeans (#120)
Pelc, Michael, Second Floor: Housewares, Ladies' Fashions, and Lingerie (#71)
Peralta, Poch, Genius Suicides (#79)
Pires, Vic, Ascension (#35)
Pisku*, A Hot Cuppa in Heaven (#55)
Plouffe, Lauren*, Freedom (#67)
Posolxstvo, Climacophobia (#73)
The Preacherman, Uncle Cyril (#80)
Precie*, Breakthrough (#62) HONORABLE MENTION
Preston, Emily, Icarus (#61)
Rachel D.*, Your Time Has Come (#42)
Rajeswari, Dusk To Dawn (#92)
Rao, A.*, Alone (#123)
Rashi V, Till Death Do Us Part (#77)
Ravindranath, Vinay, Living For Our Dream (#56)
Reid, Rebecca*, The Reunion (#110)
Riddell, C.A., Escape (#99)
Rightmyer, Bobbi, Jade’s Ascension (#82)
RiverSoul, A Promise Kept (#86)
Robertshaw, Hilary*, Mind the Gap (#47)
Robinson, Kevin, When You Stand on an Escalator and Don't Let People Pass (#117)
Rosario, Blany Ashwin Francis, Three Escalators to Hope (#88)
Ruinwen, Forgotten (#2)
Sagri, Margaret, The Struggle (#106)
Salas, Alexander, Last Escalator Ride (#29)
Sandford, Kate, Moving On (#32)
Sawan, Anil, From Earth to Heaven (#13)
Scheer, Wayne*, A Balanced Life (#70) HONORABLE MENTION
Seamans, Sandra, Stalker (#20)
Senorita, Walk in the clouds (#50)
Sergent, Selma, Little Wing (#64)
Sharma, Richa, Ascension (#111)
Silvestri, A., Reality Check (#57)
Slatter, Stephen L., Bottom (#25)
The Solitary Writer, 6:30pm (#109)
Sullivan, Meghan*, The Long Ride Up (#121)
Suren, I Was About Half Way Through (#115)
Tan, Now, I Move Up (#87)
Thakkar, Aniket, Flashpoint (#18)
Tina M, Early Morning Train Rush (#94)
Tomlinson, James R.*, If You’d Only Pay Attention (#8) 2ND PLACE
Tysdaddy, Thin Air (#102)
Vee, Jimmie, Then the Piper Will Lead Us to Reason (#104)
Vesper, Ascension (#27)
Vibert, Catherine*, Son Games Mother (#3)
Vogt, Josh, Cleanup in the Food Court (#44)
Wagner, Sarah*, Going Up (#38)
Watters, Charlene, It’s Not Like It Is In The Movies (#51)
Watters, Kim, Ascension (#14)
Wavemancali, Back In The Garden (#39)
Wells, Jaye, Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars GUEST WRITER

(*Members of the Clarity of Night Forties Club. Entries which scored at least a 40 out of 45.)


FANCY said...

Hmmmm...All I want is to wish you a good happy new year ;)

jaz said...

Very cool. The picture is even more incentive than the other prizes!

Geraldine said...

Yahooo! :<)

I am so enjoying reading the entries already Jason. This looks like the start of a great contest for all of us. Bring it on...

Geraldine said...

Just noted this post's date: Jan 14th???

peggy said...

Theres so me good stuff in that list!

Anonymous said...

I just submitted my entry. I soooo want it posted now! Just kidding, of course. :)

peggy said...

sheesh, wish we could edit our kitty was helping me..again :(

SzélsőFa said...

Oh, it's already on!
I'm going to read for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

Fancy, happy New Year!

Jennifer, thanks! I've often thought of eliminating the picture prize, but then I think that folks would like a memento from winning.

Geraldine, lots of entries rolling in! This post is post-dated to the end of the contest so that the index always stays on top.

Peggy, very true. :)

Strugglingwriter, I think you may be in the 21 - 25 group. Not positive though.

Peggy, I can fix typos and such.

Szelsofa, have fun. :)

Anonymous said...

How many votes do we get for reader's choice? There's a couple of stoies I've read that stand out amazingly - I'm not sure I could pick between them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest. cant wait to see who wins :-P
and a very happy new year to all.

Geraldine said...

Thanks for the heads-up re: the date Jason, I thought I had lost a week somewhere LOL. :<)

Anonymous said...

Re: Readers' Choice Voting: Rules for this portion of the contest will be posted at the end of the entry period. But in short, all participants are invited to vote for their top 5 favorites.

Anonymous said...

Harshad, you're welcome! (All in good time, my friend.) ;)

Geraldine, yeah, that would be disconcerting.

laughingwolf said...

hey jason, is it me or are there only 20 posted?

it reads '21' in your note....

Anonymous said...

Laughingwolf, that was the number yesterday. I post in 5 entry blocks and make sure that everyone has at least part of day on the top page (except at for last minute entries at the end).

Vesper said...

Jason, I'm afraid the link from my name doesn't work... :-)

Sameera Ansari said...

This contest seems to be record breaking indeed!

Good luck to every one :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't keep up with them all and they all seem good. I don't envy you your task in selecting winners.

Geraldine said...

I agree with Aggie. You've got your work cut out Jason. And what an amazing array of takes on this photo and prompt.

peggy said...

I've been reading and commenting and now I can't remember if I commented on them all, whew my work is cut out for me..gotta start over again! These are all so good! Some of them can bloom into full fleshed out stories!
Great job everyone..back to reading :)

Catherine Vibert said...

Jason, I don't know how you are going to possibly decide! There are many excellent pieces here, and so fun to read. Now they are coming so fast and furiously that I can't possibly keep up!

Great work everyone, what fun!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we're going to make it to 100 entries like we did that one other time? Keep the stories coming people :)

No more good ones, though (there's already too many good ones). I want to win :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,

Lovely contest. Hope you received my entry! I m dying to see it posted here :)

ceedy said...

Wow...great response...dude good work..

best of luck to everyone!

The Preacherman said...

Tremendous amount of talent on display here. Nice one mate. Well enjoyed the reads. Ta very much

B. Nagel said...

How are you supposed to keep track of your favorites? There are so many!! Thanks for hosting it.

Anonymous said...

I can already tell you that this contest is going to break records! Thanks everyone!!

Geraldine said...

When do we vote re: the reader's choice awards? Do we email our choices or leave as a comment.

Wow, that's an impressive list of entries Jason. And the work submitted is excellent. Great choice of photo to inspire!

Precie said...

WOW!!! 95 entries so far?! That's crazy!!! Way to go, Jason! I think it's a testament to how great your contests are!

Anonymous said...

Geraldine, the rules for the Readers' Choice Award will be posted when the contest closes. The voting period will begin then.

Precie, thank you! This contest is a BIG one. :)

Sameera Ansari said...

Congratulations Jason,on the biggest contest The Clarity Of Night has ever seen!

Glad to be a part of it :)

Anonymous said...

110 entries. That is amazing. It may take a while for everyone to read/vote on all those entries.


Precie said...

Oh. My. God!

(coincidentally, my verification word: amonster)

McKoala said...

eeek much reading.

Tan said...

So many Entries!

When will I read all these and choose my own chosen ones???

It would be a good time reading all and I hope to enjoy it ...

- Tan (Entry # 87)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful contest everyone!!

Sameera Ansari said...

I am glad to be inducted into The Clarity Of Night Forties Club! :)

laughingwolf said...

that was fun, look forward to the next one, jason :)

Aakaash Rao said...

Liked the Under the Willows poem, Jason.

Question: Do we ever get our actual score? Or do you just tell us what we scored highly in?