Thursday, July 23, 2009

"In Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine)" Short Fiction Contest


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Click HERE for an interview with Jaye.

Aaron, Ashwin, A Lost Love (#101)
*Absolute Vanilla, Truth And Justice (#59)
Aditi, Remorse (#111)
*Aerin Rose, Presage (#130) Honorable Mention
*Akerman, Linda, The Blood of the Gods (#116)
Ansari, Sameera, The Savior (#145)
*Avila, Esther, Toasting to a Fresh Start (#150)
Banerjee, Ranee Kaur, Finally Godess (#142)
Barnes, Ann, Morning Sun at the Lake (#58)
Bea, Kimberly, The Look In Agave’s Eyes (#99)
Beal, Christina, Prick of a Thorn (#96)
*Bebo, Truth in Wine (#89)
*Beetner, Eric, Pinot Noir (#41)
Bendre, Gargi, Remembering Wine (#114)
BernardL, Stalker (#75)
Bhatia, Amrita, The Misgiving (#136)
Blackwater, Jade Leone, Dharma Remembered (Thanks Kerouac) (#144)
Blanton, David, The Beautiful and the Damned (#44)
*Blog Gore, Drinking to Death (#143)
Brown, Cormac, In Vino Veritas, In Tequila Mors (#120)
*Browne, Quin, To Top it Off (#157)
Bush, Rebecca, The Portal (#148)
*C J, Chilled Glass of Heaven (#102)
*Caffrey, Angelique H., Exit Strategy (#54)
*Camptown, Dottie, Moussa’s Stop (#115)
*Carlucci, John Donald, The Sweetest Bouquet (#156) Honorable Mention
Carvel, Joaquin, Veritossed (#103)
*Cenni, Alexandra, Dust in the Wind (#38)
CharlesProgrammr, Prodigal Son (#73)
Charron, R.K., The Cup (#109)
*Chong, YL, Wine Sublime, Truth Divine (#84)
*Cilia, Tanja, Wine, Woman... and No Song (#8)
Clevenger, Carrie, The Wine Speaks (#15)
*Collins, Patsy, You Used to Buy me Wine (#128)
*Collins, Ryan, Identity (#83)
*Cormier, Sandra, How Will I Tell Him (#20)
Cozine, Herschel, Illusion (#56)
*Cummings, Amy, The Interview (#77)
*Davidson, Peter, Fingered (#51)
*Dhanke, Prashant, Truth in Wine (#146)
*Diaz, Melissa, I Chose the Wine (#154)
*Dickson, Donna, The Chalice (#40)
*Dudley, Peter, Judgment Day (#97) Readers' Choice, 2nd Place
*Durfee, Mark C., Wine the Great Tutor (#134) Honorable Mention
*Eaton, Loren, Claret (#21)
Edwards, Dean Clayton, What’s Wrong with Suzy (#131)
*Edwards, Tessa, Vermilion Reflections (#17)
Eldin, Chris, Brotherly Advice (#1) Readers' Choice, 3rd Place
Ellis B., Civility (#68)
*Ennis, Scott, Dilutions (#16)
Evans, Jason, Creation Your Co-Host
Farough, Amanda, The Consumption (#132)
*Four Dinners, Red with Wine (#57)
*Fox, Gef, Liar's Glass (#119)
*Furie, Ken, No More Lies (#122)
Gillam, Christine, Verre De Vin (#2)
Gotch, Briony, Dinner with Wine (#33)
Green, Rachel, Beyond Words (#49)
Greenberg, KJ Hannah, Spelling New Neighbors (#39)
Gughan, Sangrine (#129)
*Harar, Beth, Age Ingrat (#76) 3rd Place
Heidle, Eric, Terroir (#153)
Hendricks, Kurt, Fetch (#94)
Hickman, Michelle, Seeking a Deadly Foray (#87)
Hood, Rohan, In Vino Veritas (#30)
Hoodie, Midnight at the Office of Stevens and Albright (#112)
*Irons, Will, Secret (#133)
*Isik, Suzan, A Good Night's Sleep (#108)
*JaneyV, Drunken Semantics (#151) 4th Place & Readers' Choice, 1st Place
JimmieVee, Vintage (#31)
Jones, Jennifer D., Intervention (#91)
*Joos, Catrina, Spouse (#141) Honorable Mention
Kassa, Place Setting (#65)
*Kramaric, Jackie, Megan Rose (#13)
Kunjal, Truth in Wine (#98)
*La Violette, Rusty, Social Drama Queen (#125)
Laine, Aimée, The Messenger (#25)
Laughingwolf, Lux in Tenebris (#11)
*Laurenson, Sarah, Wine, Blood Red (#66)
Liadis, Liz, White Wedding (#70)
*Liadis, Paul, A Matter of Taste (#24)
Lindstrom, Dianne, Fortune (#36)
Logic, Lucy, Crystal Melody (#69)
*Mansfield, Bekki, A Taste of Ecstasy (#90)
*Martin, Lizzy, Last Orders (#147) Honorable Mention
Masters, Will, A Lost Age (#155)
McAlpine, Lindsay, A Moment In Time (#6)
McClellan, Leah, Not Wine (#110)
*McElroy, Stacie, Untimely Truths (#121) Honorable Mention
*McKenzie, Tyler, Obedience (#92)
*Miredinconfusion, Entry #140
Monteleone, Merry, Foofy Coffee and Other Maladies (#5)
*Montgomery, J.C., Fate’s Impatience (#62)
*Montgomery, Laurel, One Last Drink (#27)
*Morocco-Clarke, Ayodele, The End Marks The Beginning (#127)
Mukherjee, Mithun, Eating Out (#46)
Murty, Yamini, In Vino Veritas (#137)
*Mystico, Let’s Talk Business (#81)
*Nagel, B., House Red (#107)
Napier, Katherine, The Veritas Arms (#3)
Neuhoff, David, Companion (#80)
*Norton, Angela, Nerves and Secrets: A Confessional Tale (#158)
*Nothingman, Everyone Is Dying (#126)
*Nowviskie, Karen, Showtime (#64)
O'Connor, Oscar, The Pussy Cat (#67)
Oh, Ellen, Plum Wine (#79)
Pandey, Vinay, Vice Wine (#32)
*Parrish, Stephen, Through a Wine Glass, Darkly (#123) Honorable Mention
Pelle, Adina, Gypsy (#88)
Pires, Vic, Memory (#53)
*Poirot, J. M., You Never Call Me (#152)
*Powell, Dan, It's Okay To Drink Wine 'Cause It Don't Have Any Feelings (#82)
Precie, Intimacy (#37)
Puresunshine, The Game (#138)
Rahman, Mona, Chalice Of Life (#48)
Rickel, Danielle, Little Red (#28)
*Riddell, Carrie Ann, In Vino Veritas (#78) Honorable Mention
*Robertshaw, Hilary, The Last Glass (#93)
Ropi, In Vino Veritas – A True Story (#72)
Rosario, Blany Ashwin Francis, Alter Ego (#19)
Sagri, Margaret, "Our Father Who Art in Heaven..." (#22)
Salas, Alexander, Red Life (#14)
*Scheer, Wayne, The Wine Tasting (#34)
Scott, Craig, A Single Glass of Red Wine (#47)
*Seamans, Sandra, Ashes To Ashes (#42)
Shadow, Farewell (#10)
Singh, Adisha, The Artist (#60)
*Slatter, Steve, Case of Merlot (#29) 5th Place
*Smiley, Lee, To See One (#135)
*Smith, Kim, Good Night (#106)
Smith, Penny, Enigma (#139)
*Smythe, Deborah, Guild of Daggers (#124)
Sonia, Fame and Wine (#100)
Stevens, Hadley, Devine Truth (#52)
*Stitzel, Jim, Conventus (#55)
*Sullivan, Meghan, Sub Rosa (#118) Honorable Mention
Suryanarayanan, Entry #9
*Taylor, Dottie, One Little Drink (#74)
Taylor, Illyria, The Price (#149)
*Thakkar, Aniket, Wine Girl (#45)
*Therese, Epitaph (#18)
*Tomlinson, James R., The Sober Truth about Tyler & Zachary on Bickerstaff Street (#7) 1st Place
*Tre'von, One Wonderful Day (#104)
*Vachharajani, Tanushree, Ruby Throbs (#113)
*Valentine, Jaye, Hot Under The Collar (#43)
*Vibert, Catherine, Joan's Debut at The Met (#12)
*Vogt, Josh, The Tasting Room (#26)
*Watson, Tara, The Toast (#85)
*Watters, Charlene, Koolaid in Cut Crystal (#86)
Watters, Kim, The Mix-up (#4)
Wavemancali, Patience (#35)
Weary, Kenneth, Who Ya Gonna Call? (#71)
*Weeks, Richard, The Last Gasp (#95)
*Welch, Terri, The Socialite (#105)
Wells, Jaye, Blood Will Tell Your Co-Host
*Wert, Carla, Sunday Wine (#61)
*Whirlochre, A Full Bodied Red (#50) Honorable Mention
*Wiley, G.S., True Colours (#117)
*Wood, William, The Machinery of Self (#23) 2nd Place
*Wrigley, Sylvia Spruck, In Vino Veritas (#63)

(*Members of The Forties Club. Entries which scored 40 or more out of 45 points.)


Katherine Napier said...

Wow! On the first day you have half as many entries as there were for Restless Dawn. This should be amazing.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I'm always in for rap. :D

Erm. Jaye. [gives the puppy dog look] What's the name of the model on your book's cover? I louvvvhhh the cover. :P

Shadow said...

wow, you've got some great entries....

Jaye Wells said...

Aniket, I don't know her name. I've just come to think of her as Sabina it didn't occur to me to ask. ;) The cover artist was Craig White. Check out his site, it's got some amazing work.

Craig White Illustration

Christine said...

Wow! It sucks to be you! After reading the first 10 entries, I sure wouldn't want to be the one judging THIS contest. I enjoyed them all. It amazes me how much of a story you can tell in so few words! Can't wait to read the next set!

Anonymous said...

Question for Jaye: Can a vampire tell the blood type based on taste? Do they prefer a specific blood type or would any do?

Jaye Wells said...

Struggling, yes they can tell by the taste. AB- is considered the Cadillac of bloods.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Thanks for guiding me to the site. Looks lovely on the first look. Now I'll dig into it. :P

Merry Monteleone said...

AB- is the Cadillac of bloods - what's O+? Just checking how tasty I am :-)

By the way, Jaye, I did get a chance to read Red Headed Stepchild and it was awesome - loved the humor and Sabina is a great character. I'm on blog hiatus right now, but I'll definitely do a review when I start up again.

Therese said...

I really like how you're staggering the entries. It makes it far less overwhelming to think of reading them all and commenting on many of them.

Congratulations, Jaye!

Laurel said...

I like the staggered entries, too. It breaks it down into very manageable pieces so people won't get skipped over for being in the middle!


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a great job! The party is hopping!!

Regarding how the entries are posted, I like to give everyone time on the front page. If you wait to send your entry until the very end, though, I can't guarantee it.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

I wish I could enter but my brain is so fried with all my other responsibilities now and my kids being home. sigh. I'll have to miss this contest. But I'm loving the entries as always!

Anonymous said...


If you have begun to wonder about my comments on the stories and if you are planning to sing "Will the real Aniket please stand up" soon, then,let me clarify that, Aniket (with a google identification), Aniket (with the open Id) and now are all me. Yours truly.

Have been trying to figure out how to use open Id most effectively. Tricky business this. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Will all the entries be posted eventually? Just curious....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, all entries will be posted. Usually, the weekends slow down with entries. I'm expecting to close the gap then.

Anonymous said...

No worries, Aniket-of-many-names. ;)

Precie said...

Whoa. I'm floored by the number of entries you've received already. My stomach is starting to do those flip-flops.

I like your idea of posting batches so each group gets "1st page" time! I'm just glad I submitted it will be on the docket eventually. :)

Jason: Thanks again to you and Aine and Jaye for this. Already it appears you've got quite a tough job ahead.

Tessa said...

I know I shouldn't be - but I'm completely bowled over by the exceptionally high literary standard of the entries. I keep coming back to read the latest postings and to re-read many of the ones I'd read earlier. What an inspiration - wow! And what a difficult task for the would take me a month of Sundays to pick the best of the best!

Thank you very much, Jason, for hosting this truly excellent event. I'm flippin' awestruck!

Charles said...

How does one go about the business of submitting? Are we to email your profile's email address?

Charles said...

Nevermind, I found the answer in one of the older contest's rules.

Beth said...

I sent my entry on the first day and it still hasn't been posted. Does that mean you didn't receive it, because you mentioned all entries would be posted.

Anonymous said...


If you sent it the first day and don't see it up, then please send it again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have it now, Beth.

Adisha said...

Hi all! The contest seems to be going full force and what fabulous entries ... It's amazing to see so much talent in one place like that !! Cliched maybe ;) but soo very true ... :)

Jason, thank you so much for putting this together.

A quick question. I'd sent in my entry yesterday. Just wanting to confirm if you got it ??


Karen said...

I hope you're finding time to breathe, Jason! Those vino esters mus be getting to you by now!

Karen said...

"Mus" be getting to me, too! LOL

JR's Thumbprints said...

Here's to breaking 200, (I raise a glass), cheers! I'm sure of it. And if not, I'm willing to bet this contest has the most entries of all others. It's getting difficult keeping up with the reading. Still, I'm selecting some of my favorites so far.

lucy said...

This the first time I have seen a contest like this and have entered one as well. Reading like crazy, visiting other blogs, meeting new people, waiting for the excitement of seeing my entry posted. I am humbled by all the talent. Jason, how are you keeping up and getting anything else done? I know I'm not!

Catherine Vibert said...

My favorites list of readovers after the contest is getting quite long! A bunch of excellent entries everyone!

Aniket Thakkar said...

I have no clue are you ever going to pick up the winners.

Also, you'll have a hard time cleaning up after us. We have left so many dead bodies behind. Its a massacre. :D

It seems wine brings out the beast in us.:)

Catherine Vibert said...

Vampires and dead spouses seem to be the major themes of this contest, eh Aniket? ;-) Interesting what a picture of a glass of wine inspires!

Sarah Laurenson said...

So many great entries and I want to read them all. May not have time to comment on them all though I've been trying. How long before we have to pick our fave?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's been tough keeping up, everyone! But wow, you guys are seriously rocking! Great to see all the interaction in the comments.

I'll be going to a 10 entry front page starting tonight in order to keep up with the incoming entries.

Great job!

Laurel said...

This stuff is like crack. I'm not sure what I'll do when normal life resumes on Wednesday. Maybe curl up with a bottle of vodka.

Precie said...

LOL at Aniket and the body count!!

Ditto Laurel--what am I going to do when this is over?

And crikey--95 entries with 3 days left?!! Heaven help us all!

Jaye Wells said...

Wow, guys! You are kidding around here. Great to see so many talented people sharing their stories.

Laurel said...

Second thoughts, Jaye? Not even on a bet would I take your job here! Good luck!


Jaye Wells said...

What can I say? I love a challenge.

Aniket Thakkar said...

To all the concerned parents/responsible citizens:

It has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt by virtue of this contest that wine brings out killing urges in people. Keep your kids, your loved ones... basically everyone you might consider putting in your will away from wine.

Message issued in public interest. :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Also, if you find Catherine (catvibe) commenting on your posts or find her finishing the posts at lightening pace do not trouble her much. She is actually on a break as she wanted some time to herself. lol

Some break she is having!

Well, this contest can definitely make people do weird(er) things. :)

Catherine Vibert said...

Well, not so much to myself, but because my kids are visiting (one at a time) and I thought that they might like to see my face while they were here. ;-)

I thought I'd have it easy at the end because I stayed caught up, but my readover list to pick my favorites is really really long! Ay carumba!

Laurel said...

Oh, Catherine. I feel your pain. I think I might sit down tonight and go through the first 100 to make a short list from those and just add to the pile as they come in.

How does it work? Do we vote for 1 or top 3 or what?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Readers' Choice voting: all entrants will be invited to vote for their top 5 choices.

This will all be announced when the submission period closed, but the voting is weighted. Your top vote gets more points than your 5th, so you do need to rank your choices!

Unknown said...

Hi Jason!

Thanks for having such an awesome contest! I've never participated before, but I like it.

I can't believe that there are over 100 entries and two days left in the competition.

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

Anybody that is having a hard time voting, I can help you with that. I can steer you toward a particular entry I have a fondness for :)

Laurel said...


Sly devil. heehee. Just don't ask me to have a drink with you before I vote. I'm feeling a little skittish about wine this week.

Anonymous said...

Only Kool Aid for me Laurel. :)

Unknown said...


after reading some of the entries, I'm off drinking anything I didn't make myself.

Dottie :)

laughingwolf said...


Mona said...

If it is difficult for you to keep with counting words every time you write, you can use the following flash Fiction counting counter, that shall keep counting your words even as you write. the counter is at the bottom of the page Here

Catherine Vibert said...

My eyes can't focus anymore.

Precie said...

Jaye and Jason--my heart goes out to you both. This is overwhelming. I'm starting to hyperventilate just thinking about picking for Readers' Choice.

(Which, contrary to other commenters, now makes me want to get more wine...but a good Riesling, definitely white wine.)

Aniket Thakkar said...

I had a very interesting conversation with my colleague today. He asked me what is this site I keep sneaking into even in office in those five minute breaks. Being an excited electron myself, I explained him all about this exciting contest and all that's going on.

HE: So this guy Jason, himself handles the posting and judging?

ME: Posting yes. He has co-hosts at times. But they both read and comment all stories and judge them separately.

HE: He passes comment on all of them?

ME: Yup.

HE: Are there prizes?

ME: Yup.. (I give him the loot details)

HE: And who sponsors the prizes?

ME: He does.

HE: He must be earning a lot through his blog.

ME: As far as I know. He doesn't. I don't see any adds on his blog.

HE: So he takes the pains of hosting, posting, judging and even gives prizes and doesn't even get paid. So what's the point in it?

ME: (Shake my head and give a smile) You my friend... would never know.

Katherine Napier said...

Careful, you might send your colleague over the edge if you tell him Jason snapped the photo, too...

Anonymous said...

Aniket, thanks for sharing that! And I very much appreciate your words.

To Anyone Still Entering: there are a few hours left as of this moment. I will be away from my computer until closing time. Unless this post says the contest is closed, you will be fine if you email me your entry. I'll post all the final entries later tonight. Thanks!

laughingwolf said...

150 entries is good, jason... i was hoping to see 200+, but there's still time! :)

Mona said...

I was thinking on the same lines as Aniket's and his friend's conversation...

Poor Jason and Jaye...If I were you, I would be 'mildly' ( if not seriously) considering draw of lots by now!

Karen said...

I want to add my thanks to Jason, Aine, and Jaye for the work on this. I can't imagine the time you must be giving.

This contest and the others you've sponsored have promoted and created enthusiasm for writing in a way that I can't recall. You have introduced us to one another and allowed us to make friends we'd never have known.

Sincerely -- thank you.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if Jason did get money for advertisements? I've no doubt given him ten thousand clicks, just from refreshing my entry (#24 :) ) to look at the comments.

Hopefully Jaye sold some books at least :)


Catherine Vibert said...

Laughingwolf, you're a sadist! Poor Jason and Jaye have their hands full, this is HUGE! And I thank you guys greatly.

Laurel said...

I can't imagine. My eyes are bleeding and my "short list" currently holds about30 entries. Blech.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Manslaughter is just fine... Womens-laughter, now that's scary! :D :D :D

Sorry just couldn't resist. :P

Rachel Green said...

Well deserved wins!